Project Upland Podcast features Jerry Havel of Upland Gun Company

Hear from Upland Gun Company co-founder, Jerry Havel, during an in-depth interview on the Project Upland Podcast.

Earlier this week, the latest Project Upland Podcast episode aired featuring Upland Gun Company co-founder Jerry Havel. The interview covers the inspiration and foundation of UGC along with current offerings, order process and more.

If you’re interested in our double guns, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.

Listen | Episode #139

About The Episode
“With the ability to customize your shotgun from muzzle to butt in just about any way, UGC aims to provide wingshooters freedom of choice in a high quality Italian shotgun. After catching up on the hunting season, news and events at Pineridge Grouse Camp, Jerry and I discuss all things UGC. From the inspiration and founding of the company to the customization and order process listeners will know exactly what to expect before getting in contact with UGC.

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