Launching of our first offerings of the RFM built side-by-sides that have been Italian built since 1957. Exclusively imported by Upland Gun Company for consumer direct FFL transfer and curated retail locations.
RFM Shotguns

The RFM family has been building high-quality custom Italian shotguns since 1957

Rota Luciano, born in 1935, founder of RFM Armi with his wife Fausti Maria, also a daughter of gunsmiths, began his studies at the trade school in Brescia where young people, mostly children of World War II, were trained in manual skills to insert them into the workforce. After completing his studies, Luciano became passionate about weapons and approached the magical world of gunsmithing and building firearms . . .

The RFM Story

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From history and mechanics to stories and craftsmanship of fine build shotguns.
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Richard Wong with his 13-year-old Vizsla

From the Heart – A Project Upland Original Film

Upland Gun Company and RFM made an appearance in the upcoming film From the Heart. Coming soon – We take a journey into the woodcock covers of Minnesota with hunter Richard Wong…

A shotgun with a case harden on the action.

Color Case Hardening and Heat Treating

A closer look at the function and fashion of various heat treatments and color case hardening methods. I have always been fascinated by the depth of knowledge required to be a proficient…