Launching of our first offerings of the RFM built side-by-sides that have been Italian built since 1957. Exclusively imported by Upland Gun Company for consumer direct FFL transfer and curated retail locations.
RFM Shotguns

Project Upland Magazine features the RFM factory and Upland Gun Company.

“As Americans, many of us have never heard of the name RFM (Rota Fausti Manufacturing), and with good reason. Despite manufacturing guns since 1957, they only just came to the United States with their North American distributor Upland Gun Company. In Europe, they have quite the famous reputation, and, although they will humbly not mention it, they build many custom shotgun stocks for famous world champions and Olympians in the clay shooting space who seek out their expertise.”

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The RFM family has been building high-quality custom Italian shotguns since 1957

Rota Luciano, born in 1935, founder of RFM Armi with his wife Fausti Maria, also a daughter of gunsmiths, began his studies at the trade school in Brescia where young people, mostly children of World War II, were trained in manual skills to insert them into the workforce. After completing his studies, Luciano became passionate about weapons and approached the magical world of gunsmithing and building firearms . . .

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From history and mechanics to stories and craftsmanship of fine build shotguns.
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