RFM Venus


The Italian built RFM Venus is a scaled frame round body boxlock side-by-side shotgun customizable for the American wingshooter.

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The Roman Goddess of love and beauty, the Venus is all of that and then some. Built on a rounded frame with demi-bloc barrels, hand engraving and hand checkering the Venus will stand out in any gun rack. Accessorized with an English grip stock, extractors, auto safety, double triggers and with weights ranging from 5 to 6.25 pounds, the Venus will soon be the goddess of the uplands.

  • Box Lock
  • Demi-bloc barrels
  • Hand engraving
  • Fixed Chokes
  • English Grip
  • Double trigger
  • Extractors
  • Concave Rib
  • Custom Stock Dimensions (some exceptions apply)
  • Hard Case
  • 12-16-20-28-.410 bore
  • Shotgun Weights*

    • 12-Gauge: 6.25 lbs 
    • 16-Gauge 6.00 lbs
    • 20-Gauge 5.50 lbs
    • 28-Gauge 5.25 lbs
    • .410 5.00 lbs

    *Shotgun weight will vary based on custom option changes like barrel length and variations of weight in wood. 

    Shotgun Dimensions 

***While every RFM gun purchase through Upland Gun Company comes with the ability to have your stock made to custom dimensions, we do offer a standard dimension option. The standard stock dimensions are as follows:


  • Length of Pull: 15”
  • Drop at Comb: 1 ½”
  • Drop at Heel: 2 ¼”
  • Cast at Heel: 1/4” OFF
  • Cast at Toe: 3/8” OFF
  • Pitch: 2” / 4°

In-Stock Offerings: We maintain a limited selection of guns on-hand and in the U.S. for immediate sale. Please click here to see what is currently available.


.410, 28 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 12 Gauge

2 reviews for RFM Venus

  1. fullcurl57 (verified owner)

    I had pondered what it would be like to have a shotgun made to fit me instead of settling for my current guns that were made for someone else, or no one in particular. The expense had kept me from even considering a custom build until I learned from the UGC team about at an opportunity to met Jerry Havel, Nick Larson, and Del Whitman last spring at a fitting event in Minnesota. I also got to see firsthand, the quality double guns they are providing to American hunters. I placed an order after a little sole searching and then a complete admission that few things are as important as hunting time in the field with my dogs, good equipment, and close friends while in pursuit of our wildlife resources. Of course a special quail gun built to my specifications is justified! I received my Venus .20 gauge sooner than expected and took it hunting the very next day. Over 30 hunting days so far in the current season, I am pleased to share my complete satisfaction. Shooting a gauge scaled receiver in a fitted stock, made to your personal specifications at a reasonable cost couldn’t be better!
    Thanks to my friends at UGC. Neil Lawson

  2. Mark Forabosco

    I ended up getting my RFM shotgun through the Upland Gun Co quite by accident. I already had some quality side by side shotguns and was not looking in the least for another. Then I came across a video about the RFM gun company and its history in Italy. Over a period of months, I watched it numerous times, over numerous coffees. I did some research and spoke to a four owners of RFM shotguns. Every person I spoke to had nothing but positive reviews about their RFM shotgun. I then got in contact with Nick Larson from the Upland Gun Company. He was very professional, and very patient when it came to answering all of my questions. I’m from Canada, so I did have some concerns when it came time to give them my measurements and how well the gun would fit. Again Nick was very helpful and his suggestions were most helpful. This gun for me was a bucket list dream, and of course when it comes to something as special as having a custom built shotgun there is that worry that it will fail to meet your expectations. To say that my Venus 20 gauge exceeded expectations would be an understatement. It is a true upland gunners dream. The craftsman’s ship that went into this shotgun is outstanding. I hunt some pretty thick woods and this gun meets every need. I have always loved older side by sides and one that always had a special place in my heart was a vintage Parker VH 16 gauge, (which was supposed to be my last gun). But for absolute balance and responsiveness, nothing comes close to that Venus 20. I will leave it at this, I know a very gifted English gunsmith, with a lifetime of experience working on some of the finest shotguns from England. When I showed him my Venus, he quietly examined it, arched an eyebrow then said. “This is one very nice little Italian shotgun.” —Coming from an English gunsmith who works on guns in the six figure range that pretty much says all you need to know. Life is too short to shoot a gun that doesn’t fit!
    Mark F
    Ontario Canada

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