FAQ Page

How do I get my shotgun transferred using my local FFL?

It’s as easy as a few clicks online or asking your local sporting goods dealer if we can ship your gun directly to their location. Most FFL dealers will charge a small fee to handle the paperwork and the background check. All we need to ship your gun to a local dealer is an email with a PDF (NO CELL PHONE PICTURES) of the dealer’s FFL. Once we get the FFL, we can ship your firearm.

If you need to find a dealer, we have provided two links below. Both list dealers by zip code and a contact number where you can call and ask questions. If you need more help, UGCo can help as well.
https://www.ffldealernetwork.com or http://fflgundealers.net

Where are RFM shotguns made?

Bella (beauty), lusso (luxury), classico (classic), artigianale (hand crafted) and eterno (everlasting) are just a few Italian words that describe RFM Italian made shotguns. Located near the city of Brescia, the heart of Italian gun making, RFM operates in close proximity to other Italian gun manufacturers as part of a rich history and culture of manufacturing shotguns for wingshooters worldwide.

Can I get my shotgun custom engraved? Select my wood blank? Made to custom stock dimensions?

Yes! We can add your initials in gold, the family crest, a picture of your dog, birds or even your in-laws. If you would like to add something special, you can work with UGCo to add these unique details to YOUR GUN! For more information, drop us a note or give us a call at (218) 760-8009.

Suppose you would also like to upgrade your wood, not a problem. If you want to add grade 3 wood, we can have RFM send over some wood pictures via email. We send them to you, pick what you want and we put it on your gun. It’s pretty simple and fun!

We get asked this all the time, “I have my measurements…” or “can I get fitted and get a custom stock?” Yes, and yes! We will walk you through the process and recommend places where you can get fitted for your gun. If you can get a custom-fitted gun, why wouldn’t you? This is your gun.

Can I buy an RFM shotgun in person or handle them at a physical location?

We’re a small boutique company with a focus on the guns and our customers. At this time, Pineridge Grouse Camp in Minnesota is one of the best places to see one in person as well as being home to some of our hosted gun fitting events. Aside from that, our guns are making their way into the hunting trucks and hands of upland hunters around the country. Upland Gun Company will be making arrangements to attend various shows and events our customers frequent in the near future.

How long does it take to build my custom ordered shotgun?

The vast majority of our guns arrive in approximately six months from time we receive your 50% deposit and send your build order to Italy. It’s important to note however, that this is a best estimate and delivery times will vary based on a multitude of factors including but not limited to, permitting, importing, supply chains and global trade markets. We talk to the gun shop in Italy every day and are up to speed on how things are progressing. We will send you pictures and videos of your gun in production if and when they are available, however we do our best to not interfere with the process and let our gun makers do what they do best.

Can I order from Canada?

Yes. Use our online gun builder to initiate your order. Once the gun is finished and ready to leave the RFM factory, it will ship from Italy directly to Precision Arms & Gunsmithing in King City Ontario, north of Toronto. Lisa and her team will handle the import of your gun, the necessary taxes and the required paperwork. Precision Arms & Gunsmithing will be handling, if necessary, all warranty repairs as well. They will also be stocking parts for older RFM guns in Canada. We are excited to be working with Lisa, Steve and everyone at Precision Arms.

What are the standard RFM stock dimensions?

While every RFM gun purchase through Upland Gun Company comes with the ability to have your stock made to custom dimensions (some exceptions and charges can apply), we do offer a standard dimension option. The standard stock dimensions are as follows:

  • Length of Pull: 15”
  • Drop at Comb: 1 ½”
  • Drop at Heel: 2 ¼”
  • Cast at Heel: 1/4” OFF
  • Cast at Toe: 3/8” OFF
  • Pitch: 2” / 4°