Raise Money with the Upland Gun Company Gift Certificate Program

Run a “Dream Shotgun Raffle” at your next event!

How it works

  • Chapters complete the PF & QF Gift Certificate Program document and select a certificate amount ($500-$5,000)
  • Chapter receives digital gift certificate & promotional assets from UGCo
  • Chapter pays UGCo ten (10) days after the banquet/event (no upfront costs!)
  • Gift Certificate winner contacts Upland Gun Company to build their dream shotgun
  • Deck of Cards raffles, or similar, work exceptionally well for this promotion
    • Example: $1,000 gift certificate
    • Deck of cards raffle
      • 52 cards/tickets sold for $100ea
      • $4,200 net profit to your chapter

Links to learn more about Upland Gun Company and RFM Italy

Learn more about the Upland Gun Company Ordering Process

How the Program Works

  • Starting at $500, you choose the amount of the credit you would like to give away towards a UGC gun.
  • Pick the winner at your event and we do the rest