Upland Gun Co. Exclusive Dealer(s)

At Upland Gun Company we like to work directly with our customers, which is why we built our website as the primary point of contact for potential gun buyers. That said, we recognize there is simply no digital substitute for that feeling you get when you mount and swing a fine double gun.

Accordingly, we are establishing an extremely limited network of exclusive dealers where our customers can browse and handle inventory guns as well as speak to a knowledgeable staff about our shotguns. In addition, you’ll have the option to work directly with an on-site gun fitter to establish your ideal stock dimensions and submit UGCo. shotgun orders with your preferred dealer.


FIELDSPORT® has earned a reputation as one of the most respected purveyors of fine guns and associated sporting equipment in the U.S. We are pleased to present the avid upland bird hunter, waterfowler, and clay target shooter with a comprehensive selection of product lines offered by some of the best manufacturers around the world. We have searched extensively for fine, premium grade game and target guns that represent the best values available. The equipment we sell is the best in the field and our seasoned staff of wingshooters has field-tested virtually every product we endorse. We are proud to stand behind the products we sell. We do everything within our control to guarantee the custom gun you ordered through FIELDSPORT is truly the perfect gun for you.

Ultimately, we share with you the passion you have for the shooting sports. The journey you enjoy as a wingshooter is a very special part of your life and it is a sincere honor to be a part of your recreational experience.

Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT.

Sincerely, Bryan E. Bilinski, President